Trustees Amplify Your Advocacy Efforts

Karen Freeman, Board Member, Northside ISD
Tracy Fisher, Board Member, Coppell ISD
Missy Bender, Regional Advocacy Director – Collin/Denton Counties, Raise Your Hand Texas

Learn how three experienced trustees have amplified their school districts’ advocacy efforts year-round. Trustees will share practical tips for how a trustee can support their district’s advocacy efforts to influence education policy next session. Whether at home in the district or in Austin or Washington, during the primary or general election cycles, during the interim or legislative session, with other rule-making partners, like the State Board of Education, or with legislators, your trustees can help you amplify your voice.

More than Duty: Why Get Out the Vote Work Matters for Schools

Skylar Gallop, Regional Advocacy Director – Panhandle, Raise Your Hand Texas
Cassandra Jones, Regional Advocacy Director – Central Houston, Raise Your Hand Texas
Giovanni Escobedo, Regional Advocacy Director – South Texas, Raise Your Hand Texas

We often talk about voting as a ‘civic duty,’ and it certainly is that. But how can engaging in get-out-the-vote (GOTV) work be good for school districts? Why should long-term efforts to increase voter turnout be a priority? And how can districts do this work safely within all legal bounds? This session will explore these questions and offer practical tips for impactful GOTV work, even in challenging political circumstances.

How to Have a Seat at the Legislative Table

HD Chambers, Superintendent, Alief ISD
Mark Henry, Superintendent, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD
Michael Hinojosa, Superintendent, Dallas ISD

This session will include a discussion on how the superintendents for Alief ISD, Cy-Fair ISD, and Dallas ISD work with their boards and staff on creating a legislative priority agenda that is used to work with state leaders during a legislative session. The discussion will include a focus on what an education leader can do to have a positive impact on public education policy in Texas.

Making Your Neighborhood Public Schools the First Choice for Families

Shannon Buerk, Chief Executive Officer, engage2learn

What do families in your district want from their neighborhood public schools? The best way to find out is to engage them in designing the schools they want. At e2L, we are committed to our mission to ensure neighborhood public schools are the first choice for all families. We will share a concise process we have used with partner districts to create success stories and increase enrollment through an ownership culture of engagement and growth.

Using Strategic Marketing to Recruit Millennial Teachers

Jason Wheeler, Director of Communications, Garland ISD

Millennials are now the largest generation representing the United States workforce. As more school districts face a teacher shortage, districts need to understand millennials and adjust their current recruiting efforts to fill openings. Understanding millennials and what resonates with them will help build a strategic marketing plan to recruit new teachers.