The 4 P’s of Successful Leadership

Sam Nix, Medina Valley ISD Superintendent Lone Finalist
Sherese Nix Lightfoot, Garland ISD Executive Director Comm & PR

Education has consistently been related to performance, people, perception, and politics. This engaging presentation will help leaders understand the value of managing the 4 P’s of successful leadership while walking away with effective strategies to promote a positive narrative in each area proactively. Gain insight into the well-organized methods of creating a culture of accountability, investing in people, including multiple perspectives in decision making, and controlling your narrative.


Navigating the Mess & Stress of Daily School Life

Tony Hancock, Bellville ISD Chief Talent Officer

Every educator needs to feel what they do makes a difference; to know that their career has added value to their students and those they lead. However, the stress and mess of daily school life gets in the way and sometimes pulls them down, leading to frustration, exhaustion, and burnout. This session helps participants identify key stressors and implement practices to clean up the mess and rise above the stress in today’s challenging educational landscape.


See the Need, Meet the Need

Jeni Neatherlin, Granger ISD Superintendent

Understanding and utilizing emotional intelligence is vital to leadership in today’s world. See the Need, Meet the Need, touches on the habit and systems within your organization that meet the needs of your people while maintaining a culture of high expectations and accountability. People feel a sense of belonging where they are cared for and valued. Calm the storms of chaos with attentive systems of action.

Mileage: The Actual or Potential Benefit of Something

Nicole Poenitzsch, Bellville ISD Superintendent

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. This session is designed to create connection through the sharing of mindsets and habits that can help leaders find courage amidst uncertainty, gain strength through struggle, and embrace the discomfort and disappointment that comes with the infinite nature of learning and leadership.