txedFest Talks

See the agenda for the lineup of 2024 txedFest Talk speakers!

2023 txedFest Talks

Remind & Reflect

In her 2023 txedFest Talk, TASA President and Aldine ISD Superintendent LaTonya Goffney talks about her growth as a school leader and person through three superintendencies, and discusses the importance of reflecting on how far you’ve come and reminding yourself that “transformation is an inside job” and self-care is essential. 

Your Second Why

In his 2023 txedFest Talk, Temple ISD Superintendent and 2022 Texas Superintendent of the Year Bobby Ott talks about how he learned it sometimes takes persistence to make a difference in the life of a student and how he “protects his passion” for doing the often-thankless work of an educator. 

The Beattitudes of Leadership

In his 2023 txedFest Talk, TASA Executive Committee member and La Porte ISD Superintendent Walter Jackson preaches the “Beattitudes of Leadership”: Be intentional. Be authentic. Be engaged. Be you! 

Journey Lessons

In his 2023 txedFest Talk, Duncanville ISD Chief of Intermediate/Secondary Schools Samuel Nix shares stories from his personal journey and quest to be the best school leader he can be, despite setbacks and disappointments, and a reminder to “not allow your destination to define you.”

Transform, Design, Renew

In her 2023 txedFest Talk, TASA President-Elect and Tomball ISD Superintendent Martha Salazar-Zamora shares the interesting story of how the Tomball Innovation Center came to be and how the themes of “transform, design, and renew” should be important to innovative Texas public school leaders.

2022 txedFest Talks

Called to Lead

Los Fresnos CISD Superintendent Gonzalo Salazar, the 2022-23 TASA president, talks about how he sometimes visits classrooms in his district to “fill his cup” and reflects on how blessed school leaders and other educators are to do what they do despite the often-overwhelming challenges.


LaTonya Goffney, Aldine ISD superintendent and 2022-23 TASA president-elect, talks about the importance of resilience. She shares the story of her daughter Joslyn and what it has been like for her to grow up as the “superintendent’s kid” and how the challenges of leadership sometimes extend beyond the leader.

Called to Advocate

Sunnyvale ISD Superintendent Doug Williams, former TASA president and Legislative Committee chair, talks about how important it is for school leaders and others to be advocates for our schools and shares his personal “why.”

Positively Leading

Lamar CISD Superintendent and TASA Executive Committee member Roosevelt Nivens shares how you can connect to your purpose and inspire others by telling his moving personal story and talking about what it means to “speak life” to yourself and others.

You are the Lifeline

Terrell ISD Superintendent and TASA member Georgeanne Warnock, the “subbing superintendent,” gives a humorous and uplifting txedFest Talk in which she tells the story of how she became a teacher and how important educators are in the lives of their students.