Organizing the District in a Strategic Direction

Devin Padavil, Taylor ISD Superintendent

The mission of Taylor ISD is to inspire, equip, and empower every student to achieve their unique potential. With Central Texas’ rapid growth and expansion of the technology and manufacturing industry, change was needed. Teachers needed a consistent instructional foundation and district alignment. Leadership committed to building a clear, coherent strategic plan aligned to excellence in student outcomes, exceptional workplace climate, quality customer service, and efficient financial stewardship.


Leadership is Dependent upon Relationships

Keith Bryant, Lubbock-Cooper ISD Superintendent

As leaders, it is vitally important for us to remember that our employees are the most dynamic resource that we have in our districts. In order to maximize their impact on our students, it is imperative that we build relationships with them on deep levels. This session will examine how we do this in our fast-growing district.


Navigating the Politics of District Initiatives

Doug Williams, Sunnyvale ISD Superintendent
Christi Morgan, Sunnyvale ISD Assistant Superintendent

Whether it is launching community-based accountability, a new strategic plan or trying to pass a TRE or a Bond, there are so many complexities to initiating change. This session will focus on how to navigate the politics in a way that brings the community together to stay focused on what is best for students.


The Secret to Transformational Leadership

Quintin Shepherd, Victoria ISD Superintendent

Authentic and long-lasting transformational leadership requires us to learn and then speak a new language. The simple fact is that our words get in the way of our intention. We need to know what context is appropriate for the transformational language. The “secret” is quite simple, and yet deceptively difficult we must learn this new language and know when to apply it. Principles from the book by the same name will be shared.