Um, Now I have to be on TikTok?

Georgeanne Warnock, Terrell ISD Superintendent

Come learn about the journey of Terrell ISD’s “subbing superintendent” and the lessons she has learned as she stepped back into the classroom during the pandemic-fueled teacher shortage. Lifting morale and telling our stories through authentic communication, this session will focus on one educator’s journey, lessons learned, and how we can leverage social media as we navigate these challenging times.


Telling District Stories through Community-Based Accountability

Jeff Burke, Splendora ISD Superintendent
Carl Dethloff, San Angelo ISD Superintendent
Brad Hunt, Coppell ISD Superintendent

Learn how three districts of various sizes and in different areas of the state tell their stories through their Community-Based Accountability Systems (CBAS). Participants will gain insight on how CBAS provides a framework for not only being accountable to the things that truly matter, but can also assist in creating a strong, meaningful brand for school districts.


Your People, Your District, Your Story

Sheleah Reed, Aldine ISD Chief of Staff and Chief Communications Officer

Storytelling is a core competency of truly great leaders. Your brand is a promise to your community, curated and adopted by you, the district leader, and internalized by your team. This session will provide a step-by-step process on establishing your district identity — from establishing your core talking points to making space for community voice — to authentically and effectively tell the story.


Connecting the Dots Between Qualitative Data and Post-Impressionist Art

Jimmie Walker, Alamo Heights ISD Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

Survey questions can tell you the degree to which students feel like they belong or have rigorous expectations, but multiple choice questions can’t tell you the why. In this session, Alamo Heights ISD will share the collaborative methodology they use to code open-ended responses from Feedback February, our annual community survey event. We will frame the process through the lens of post-impressionist art.